Removal Company Cambridge

Are you looking for a professional removal company?

Our experienced removal specialists are here to help!

Our professional team takes away all the inconvenience and pain of moving – regardless of size, value and condition, our team will carefully move your belongings to any location within Cambridge or its surrounding area. Everything we do is with our customers' best interests at heart, which is why we are happy to offer insurance for any of our removal services. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our insurance and how we can support you.

N&G Solutions' Aim

We aim to give our customers the best moving experience and offer guaranteed, seamless service whether you are an individual, household or business. 

We Pack, Remove & Store

At N&G Solutions we can take care of everything!

Subsequently, you can relax, travel or work, while we pack your items, remove them from the location and store them in a safe location for you.

Need to move your belongings but their new home isn't ready for them yet? 

We can secure them in our storage facility. From there, they can be collected by you or we can transport them for you to their new location. 

Are you concerned about the wellbeing of any valuables, which may require special attention?

No problem! Just let us know in advance so that we can ensure that all of your needs are met. While we consistently treat every item with care and respect, we also respect your wishes too. When moving your possessions, when appropriate, we make use of specialist equipment, protective flooring, banister covers and more as we believe in taking every precaution.

At N&G Solutions, we work with each of our customers to ensure that you are receiving the best service.

Why settle for a company that will only do the packing for you?

Those businesses will exclusively do removal whilst others will only do storage. Meanwhile we, at N&G Solutions, a reliable and effective removal company for Cambridge & surrounding areas, offer the whole package as we can pack, remove and store your items- this saves you the hassle of dealing with multiple agencies and hence making the whole removal process both faster and easier.

Where to start? 

Contact us today to receive a stand-alone quote for the project you have in mind.  No project is too big or too small for us so whether you are living alone or managing a large business, we can serve you. 


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